Custom Cow & Hog

All of are animals are pasture raised and never given hormones or antibiotics.  Our hogs are fed Non-GMO feed and our cows are 100% grass fed

Custom Hogs


We have a farrow to finish operation and our pigs can live like pigs.  They are on pasture from their first day of life.  Custom hogs are $4.95/hanging weight for half a hog and $4.85/hanging weight for a whole hog .  Our pigs finish around 200-230 pounds.  

When you purchase a half hog you will receive standard cuts

Shoulder cuts:  Bone in Butt roasts 3-4 pounds

Loin cuts:  Bone in Pork Chops 1" thick

Rib cuts:  Spare Ribs, Country Ribs

Belly cuts:  Bacon nitrate free thick cut

Hams:  Smoked nitrate free ham chucks 3-5 pounds

Sausages: Your choice of Ground, Sweet Italian, Hot Italian or Kielbasa

Whole hog orders you choose your cuts

Custom Cow


Our cows are 100% Grass fed and finished Rotokawa Devons.  They never receive hormones or antibiotics.  Half cows are $5.50/pound hanging weight and $5.75/ pound hanging weight for quarter cow.  Our cows finish around 700-900 pounds

When purchasing a quarter cow you will receive standard cuts from the entire animal.

Steaks:  Rib Steaks, T-bone, Sirloin, London Broil

Short Ribs



Ground beef

Half cow you choose your cuts